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in acidic solutions - Wiley Online Library
this disproportionation in acidic and slightly basic solutions strongly supports the ... INORGANIC REACTIONS OF IODINE(+1) IN ACIDIC SOLUTIONS. 481.

Chemistry and spectroscopy in strongly acidic solutions I: NMR
In this communication we report the direct NM R-spectroscopic observa- tion of some protonated thiophenes in HF and in HF-BF3 solutions (iden- tical spectra).

Spectrophotometric determination of iron in acids and acidic
A rapid, simple, and sensitive method has been devel- oped for the spectrophotometric determination of iron in acids and acidic solutions based upon the ...

Dissolution of Bioactive Glasses in Acidic Solutions with the Focus
This work reports the dissolution of bioactive glasses in acidic solutions. The focus was on lactic acid, thus mimicking the conditions that may develop locally ...

Acids and Bases Acidic and Basic Oxides - TAMU Chemistry
with water to form basic solutions and can react with acids directly to form salts. Likewise, SO3, CO2, and N2O5 form acidic aqueous solutions and can.

Dissolution kinetics of WO3in acidic solutions | SpringerLink
The chemical dissolution experiments supported the view that the rate- determining step in the anodic reaction of W in acidic solution is the chemical dissolution ...

The behaviour of MnO2 in strongly acidic solutions | SpringerLink
Sep 10, 1980 ... The behaviour of MnO2 in strongly acidic solutions. Authors; Authors and affiliations. P. Ruetschi; R. Giovanoli. Papers. Received: 10 ...

Effects of ultrasonic conditions and storage in acidic solutions on
acidic solution on changes in the molecular weight and polydispersity (molecular weight ... solutions. Degradation increased with prolonged ultrasonic time, and ...

Dissolution behaviour of soil kaolinites in acidic solutions
ABSTRACT: Highly weathered soils of the tropics and subtropics commonly have kaolinite- dominated clay fractions. Under acidic conditions prevailing in these ...

Study of Iron, Copper and Zinc Removal from Acidic Solutions - aidic
Zn removal from model sulphuric acid solutions (pH 4). The objectives of this work were to evaluate the effects of different parameters (ion concentration, pH) on ...

Reversible ageing of iridium oxide electrodes in acidic solutions
The cyclic voltammetric response of iridium oxide films, grown electrochemically in acidic solutions, can display a notable dependence on the time spent in the ...

Polarization of Copper in Acidic and Alkaline Solutions
cathodic Tafel slopes of copper in acidic solutions for hydrogen evolution by ... anodic Tafel slopes for copper dissolution in acidic solutions were 30 my, The rate ...

Electroless Deposition of Ni-Cu-P Alloys in Acidic Solutions
Electroless Deposition of Ni-Cu-P Alloys in Acidic Solutions. S. Armyanov,a,*,z J. Georgieva,a D. Tachev,a E. Valova,a N. Nyagolova,a. S. Mehta,b D. Leibman,b ...

Metal Contamination Removal on Silicon Wafers using Dilute Acidic
Acidic Solutions. O. J. Anttila 1 and M. V. Tilli. Okmetic, Ltd., Sinim(tentie 12, SF- 02630 Espoo, Finland. ABSTRACT. Several acids as very dilute (1:100-1:108) ...

Extraction of palladium from nuclear waste-like acidic solutions by a
Jan 15, 2015 ... We report a robust metal–organic framework (MOF) for convenient recovery of Pd (II) from acidic nitric solutions which emulate high-level liquid ...

Hydrolysis of plutonium(IV) in acidic solutions: no effect of hydrolysis
Summary. Tetravalent plutonium readily undergoes hydrol- ysis even in highly acidic aqueous solutions. In the past, many attempts were made to quantify ...

Chitosan Gels: A Novel Molecular Aggregation of Chitosan in Acidic
Acidic Solutions on a. Facile Acylation. Shigehiro HIRANO and Yasuo ORE. Department of Agricultural Biochemistry,. Tottori University, Tottori 680. Received  ...

Dissolution of pulp using acidic solutions - Chalmers Publication
Dissolution of pulp using acidic solutions. Master of Science Thesis. LISA KARLSSON. Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Division of Applied ...

Extraction Equilibrium of Precious Metals from Aqueous Acidic
Extraction Equilibrium of Precious Metals from. Aqueous Acidic Solutions Using Divinylbenzene. Homopolymeric Microcapsules Encapsulating. Ternary Amine ...

The Theory of pH Measurement - Emerson
solution. The acidity or alkalinity of a water solution is determined by the relative number of hydrogen ions. (H+) or hydroxyl ions (OH-) present. Acidic solutions.