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A review of hydrodynamical models for semiconductors: Asymptotic
in terms of the moment method is performed, and the mathematical analysis of the ... The topic of semiconductor device modeling has an important place in ... from kinetic transport equations for charge carriers (electrons and holes) to fluid ..... We study the asymptotic behavior of solutions in the sense that we first consider.

Energetically stable discretizations for charge carrier transport and
Mar 15, 2015 ... Our model for charge transport is described by the Poisson-Nernst-Planck ... source of problems for pde analysis, where the system and its modifications are studied ... ∗Department of Mathematics, The Pennsylvania State University, .... devices, such as semiconductors, protein nano-channels, and ...

Mathematical Modeling of Semiconductor Devices - ASC
A very important fact of the success of semiconductor devices is that the ... Depending on the device structure, the main transport phenomena of the electrons may ... charge q moving in a vacuum under the action of an electric field E = E(x, t). The motion of ... are studied in the whole space, the initial conditions n (·,0) = |Ψ0|2, ...

Current transport models for nanoscale semiconductor devices
Recent studies indicate that the crossover from diffusive to ballistic transport in ... In order to analyze a semiconductor device under general operating ... set of equations and complete the formulation of the mathematical model, the system of ... The charge sign sn distinguishes between electrons, sn ¼ À1, and holes, sp ¼ 1.

Electron Vortices in Semiconductor Devices - nanoHUB
semiconductors is analyzed and in analogy to fluid me- chanics the transport ... study the solutions of the Boltzmann transport equation and to consider effects ...

Domain Decomposition for Heterojunction Problems in
Dec 26, 2014 ... Department of Mathematics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, ... tion of charge transport in heterojunction semiconductors. ... device scale we use the drift diffusion (D-D) system [14]. .... In what follows we refer to ψ, u, v, n, p meaning their discrete coun- ..... ematical study of semiconductor devices. 11.

Compressible Euler-Maxwell Equations - Department of
The Euler-Maxwell equations as a hydrodynamic model of charge transport of ... in semiconductor devices is important in order to predict and understand device behav- ... therein for discussion and analysis of the Euler-Poisson equations. ... been some numerical simulations ([1, 2]) but no mathematical studies of this model.

On the modeling and simulation of reaction-transfer dynamics - arXiv
Nov 3, 2015 ... studied in past decades due to their importance in industrial ... results on traditional semiconductor device modeling are revisited and modified to account ... mathematical and computational analysis of various models. ... Charge transport processes in semiconductor-liquid junctions have been studied in the.

Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors - Inside Mines
semiconductors promise the advent of fully flexible devices for large-area .... charge transport in molecular crystals and disordered systems. µ ). eD. kBT. (2).

A two-dimensional thin-film transistor simulation using adaptive
Modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices theoretically provide alternative ..... Analysis of Charge Transport: A Mathematical Study of Semiconductor ...

Mathematical Analysis of Extended Semiconductor Device models
Standard semiconductor device models like the drift diffusion equations ... For that study we use ”asymptotic analysis” : This means a .... fact, this (charge) density.

A quantum corrected energy-transport model for nanoscale
processes in the semiconductor devices and estimation of their electrical parameters. .... tary charge, es is the permittivity constant of semiconductor, NА ..... thorough study of the self-adjoint DD and ET models in terms of mathematical analysis ...

On the Diffusion limit of a semiconductor Boltzmann - NYU (Math)
We are concerned with the study of the diffusion approximation of nonlinear ... charge and the reduced Planck constant. We will ... [8], Degond, Goudon and Poupaud have studied the diffusion approximation for a linear transport ..... [22] M. S. MOCK, Analysis of Mathematical Models of Semiconductor Devices, Adv. Numer.

Monte Carlo Device Simulations - nanoHUB
study behavior of semiconductor devices coupling of the Monte Carlo ... The fields, in turn, are driving forces for charge transport as illustrated in Figure 3 for .... an optimal solution to this problem, although the mathematical properties of the ..... To understand the meaning of this term we need to go backwards, i.e. write )(p. Γ.

Mathematical Tools in Optimal Semiconductor Design - CiteSeerX
Focussing on the drift diffusion model for semiconductor devices we col- ... model , which allows for a very efficient numerical study of the charge transport in ... ematical analysis [Gaj85, Moc83, NW91] as well as of the numerical discretization.

... semiconductors. The mathematical properties of the model are studied. ... Key words. semiconductors, hydrodynamical model for charge transport, hyperbolic systems, ... The study of carrier transport in semiconductor devices is of great ... This model can be very useful for problems such as linear stability analysis, which is ...

A quantitative model for charge carrier transport, trapping and
Jan 27, 2015 ... Here we perform a systematic study on PbS nanocrystal-based diodes using ... Our analysis confirms that charge transport occurs in states .... semiconductor– metal diode (inset in top left) with Eg ¼ 1.69 eV for temperatures between 205 .... of the mathematical form of equation (4) for the series resistance.

Charge Transport without Recombination in - ACS Publications
Nov 4, 2015 ... Charge Transport without Recombination in Organic Solar Cells and ... Organic Photonics & Electronics (COPE), School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences and School of Mathematics ... Charge generation is often studied using transient absorption .... Agilent semiconductor device analyzer (B1500A).
Stolterfoht et al. - 2015 - Charge Transport without Recombination in Organic Solar Cells and Photodiodes.pdf

Numerical method for a 2D drift diffusion model arising in strained n
Simulation; model; finite difference method; electron transport; enhancement ..... Analysis of charge transport: A mathematical study of semiconductor devices.

Numerical Analysis of Semiconductor Devices - Maths TCD
A two~dimensional numerical analysis of a semiconductor device was. first undertaken ... basic equations of semiconductor transport in the most commonly used form ... relates the total space charge p to the diVergence of the electric field E, which ..... conditioned conjugate gradient squared have been studied with the latter.