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The Ethics of Delusional Belief | SpringerLink
The examination of the epistemic status of delusions prompts us to (1) acknowledge the complexity ...... Blameworthy belief: A study in epistemic deontologism.

All things considered duties to believe - Utrecht University Repository
Nov 29, 2010 ... considered duties, and not our epistemic or moral duties, for example. I show how ..... Blameworthy belief: A study in epistemic deontologism.

Matthias Steup Justification, Deontology, and Voluntary Control In
According to epistemic deontology, the concept of justification is to be defined in ... blameworthy belief in the sense that you believe something that you ought not ..... course in the Philosophy of Religion and, upon studying the problem of evil, ...

However, to say that we are studying epistemic normativity does not mean that .... The distinction goes so far as to associate the moral with the deontological appraisal (some- .... praiseworthy, irresponsible believing is blameworthy. Reliable ...

Belief-Policies Cannot Ground Doxastic Responsibility - Rik Peels
Jun 22, 2012 ... deontological conception of epistemic justification by arguing that since We lack ... the fact that we have certain belief-policies, that is, policies about what (not) to believe in certain ... I believe that I had two slices of bread for breakfast, that I am now in my study, that it is a ..... Blameworthy belief. A study in ...

epistemic justification, rights, and permissibility - Rik Peels
is right that the epistemic aim is to believe all true propositions and not to believe any ... Nottelman, Blameworthy Belief: A Study in Epistemic Deontologism ...
Epistemic Justification.pdf

The Ethics of Delusional Belief - Springer Link
Jun 13, 2015 ... not epistemically blameworthy for having such beliefs. ... Similarly, if an epistemic deontologist were committed to the view that a belief is justified .... 2015 for a recent study of how anxiety affects sustained attention tasks).

Epistemic Deontology - Brian Weatherson
is that our beliefs are involuntary, and freedom and responsibility require .... friend's birthday, that is something I am responsible and blameworthy for, but forgetting ..... Second, we might praise the captain for his work in studying the game, and.

Hobartian voluntarism and epistemic deontologism - Disputatio
understand epistemic justification in deontological terms, a belief that. 1 For other recent ... blameworthy and we are praiseworthy if we do not violate any epis-.

Belief's own metaethics? A case against epistemic normativity
genuine normativity since the epistemic norms of belief that they imply lack necessary normative ... reviewers from the International Journal of Philosophical Studies and Philosophical Studies, ..... assume what Alston (1988) calls a ' deontological' conception of epistemic justification i.e. a conception ... blameworthiness.

1 Epistemic Conditions on “Ought”: E=K as a Case Study 0 - Lirias
normative requirements obtain.2 In this paper, I offer a view of the epistemic dimension of ..... that what lies behind such a worry is a desire to align the “ deontological” and ... the BIV is not blameworthy for falsely believing that she has hands.
ECOO_Acta Analytica.pdf

Curriculum Vitae - Michael Hatcher
Dissertation: A Deontological Explanation of Accessibilism. Committee: ... “Belief and Activity”, USC Speculative Society, September 24th, 2015. ... “Explaining Epistemic Blameworthiness”, USC dissertation seminar, October 25th, 2013. ... 520 Studies in Modern Philosophy, James Van Cleve and Gideon Yaffe, Fall 2010.

Highlights of Recent Epistemology - Semantic Scholar
4.3 How should one's ethics of belief aÄect one's views about the internalism/ ... This paper surveys what has been happening in epistemology since those ...... good reasons are without studying how we actually do reason and acquire beliefs. .... these are called deontological conceptions of justification, because of the.

Epistemic Duties and Failure to Understand One's Evidence.
PBE: We have an epistemic duty to proportion our beliefs to the evidence .... premise (1) is false, that deontological judgements apply correctly to beliefs ..... the test subjects epistemically ought not infer P. (This is precisely why the study has ..... occasions is not epistemically blameworthy.45 I think it is a strength of the theory ...

Belief, Truth and Virtue - Dialnet
In §IV, I study the relationship between epistemic norms, practical interests ..... blameworthy when he forms the false belief that he sees a red surface. ..... NOTTELMANN, N. (2008), 'The Present and Future State of Epistemic Deontologism',.

Gregory Salmieri and Benjamin Bayer July 3rd, 2013 - Ben Bayer
Jul 3, 2013 ... one's beliefs with reference to these methods is central to epistemic ... The “ deontological conception” is misleadingly named because ..... Of course we are not praise- or blameworthy for every feature of .... example, that the researcher encounters a published study indicating that subjects losing weight.

Contemporary Debates in Epistemology
1 The Internalism–Externalism Debate in Epistemology. When we say .... epistemically blameworthy for holding some belief is partly a function of the person's prior behavior: if ..... Midwest Studies in Philosophy 5: 27–51. Greco ..... central internalist idea is that “epistemic justification is deontological justification. … All that it ...

Brown_2016_Episteme_Blame_AAM.pdf - St Andrews Research
and study only. .... suppose that the epistemic norm for belief is truth. .... For a subject may be blameworthy for acting from motivated ignorance which ..... forbidden to α if and only if one doesn't know that αing would not violate a deontological.

Taking Responsibility for Bias - Nottingham ePrints - University of
responsible, and therefore not blameworthy, for their implicit biases, and that this is a function of the .... often explicitly endorse non-biased, non-racist beliefs – although in one respect this is ..... Deontologism in Epistemology. ... Blair (2002) 30 reports on studies in which participants who were exposed to pictures of counter-.

POST-GETTIER EPISTEMOLOGY - University of Pretoria
THE DEONTOLOGICAL CONCEPTION OF EPISTEMIC. JUSTIFICATION .... study , and not the relationship between true belief and knowledge. The latter will only be mentioned ..... terms such as 'responsibility', 'blameworthiness', 'reproach',.