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The Paradox of “Warlord” Democracy - Princeton University
Feb 1, 2004 ... The Paradox of “Warlord” Democracy: A Theoretical Investigation ... Predatory warring factions choose the citizenry and democratic procedures over ...... 26 In Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Nozick (1974) resuscitates the idea.

Good Governance Beyond Borders: Creating a Multi - CiteSeerX
describe war lords and militia-type actors, whereas the term private military ... privatisation of violence are here to stay – despite paradoxes of donor-driven .... utopian in some of its facets, is a realistic notion since it comes close to ... to describe the traditional role of the UN 'blue helmets' in keeping warring factions apart.

Deconstructing Libertarianism - Praxis Peace Institute
conservatives, and ultra right wing factions are debating liberal Democrats, the center will always be on the right. ... serving local warlords or corporations ---and, subject to no civil control). 3) Establish a ... the “utopian” free market as envisioned by Ayn Rand. To quote this ..... more paradoxical than any atom. Thinking about ...

State-Society Relations and the Discourses and Activities of the
Oct 1, 2007 ... This is quite a paradox, considering the scale of social change in China during ...... a utopian future. ... of the warlord government in the northern parliament. During the ... faction, neither of which really initiated the movement.

Cosmopolitan Principles and Humanitarian - Daniele Archibugi
Jul 1, 2003 ... Although these proposals are highly utopian, it will be helpful to shift the intellectual ..... This could lead to the paradox of a special .... The first thing that governments and factions do when they are subject ..... integration of military peacekeepers and civil society could help to deprive local warlords of social.

Work 2005/2006 - ScholarlyCommons - University of Pennsylvania
Feb 20, 2006 ... factions, the Natural Capitalists and the Deep Ecologists. .... badly damaged by plundering Warlords, the Japanese and Soviet occupations, and .... revetments; second, the utopian and real models for high-density inhabitation ..... Heideggerian paradox is the car—it creates both the most private space of ...

The Illicit Global Economy: The Dark Side of Globalization
a mine run by a warlord in Sierra Leone. The greater our .... profit paradox.16 When states use law enforcement to try to prohibit drugs, the reduction of .... In Sierra Leone, several factions in the civil war that devastated the country in the 1990s ... ments, and he calls on “utopian social planners” in wealthy countries to adopt.
Andreas The Illicit Global Economy.pdf

Transitional Justice, Interdisciplinarity and the State of the 'Field' or
7 See, Fionnuala Nı Aoláin and Colm Campbell, 'The Paradox of Transition in Conflicted Democ- racies,' Human Rights .... with Warlords and Rebels in Africa,' Michigan Journal of International Law 27(2) (2006): 495–578; ..... warring factions . .... anti-disciplinarity, which is the perhaps utopian goal of establishing a common.

Does Globalization Breed Ethnic Violence? - ResearchGate
Abkhazes in the Caucasus, the warlord factions in the Congo, or the Islamist radicals in ... nosed realist would say utopian — social democratization that seeks to open a broadly equitable access to ... It was the paradoxical extension of the two.

Daubing the drudges of fury: men, violence and the piety of the
and paradoxical authorities that capitalism required seriously neglects its ... Analyses that are based on the intersection of class and race teem with ..... tyrannies administered by partially Christianised warlords in the seigniorial- feudal eras. ..... jetsam washed up by obsolete radical liberal currents can sustain its utopian ...
Daubing The Drudges of Fury - Men, Violence and the Piety of the Hegemonic Masculinity Thesis.pdf

Judas at the Jockey Club
of horse'race meeting rather than something closer to a rodeo, he ques- tioned the ... Warlord caudillos bowed to the federal army ..... the utopian time, expressed in parables; the people could visualize the .... particular tension and paradox.

mao zedong and china - Online University of the Left
the temporary absence of Utopia, but the political celebration of the end of social dreams. ..... can faction, led by Sun Yatsen, all of whom were exiles in Japan. In addition ..... A theoretical and practical paradox immediately emerged with the founding of the .... China that could contest the chaos of warlord power. The form of ...
Mao-Zedong-and-China-in the-Twentieth-Century-World_A-Concise-History.pdf

The State, Multinational Oil Companies, and Restiveness in the
Volunteer Force (NDPVF) and a faction of the Movement for .... association with the 'militant' warlord, 'General' Government. Ekpemupolo (Alias ...... “Political Theory as Utopia. History of the ... Petroleum Industry and the Paradox of Rural.

1 From the mid-1980s onward, as an outcome of people's utopian spirit in the ... Fourth Movement in 1919, warlord wars between 1916-1928, establishment of the ..... discourse is symptomatic of the paradox imbedded within Mao's revolution , which .... theatrical stage became a battlefield on which various political factions  ...

The fourth power: a grand strategy for the United States in - Library
called—brought with it a utopian golden age. Trouble, some ... African tribes slaughtered each other with machetes, and warlords chased ...... The Paradox of Principles ... and providing social services, arbitrating among rival factions, ...

Jun 6, 2013 ... of my PhD research, I came across the legal paradox of having to deal with a harmful act, which ..... do not re-invent their utopian ideals."4. 3 Raz ..... employed by governments—or more often by factions within governments— ..... Non-State actors like the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and warlords in.

Transitional Justice, Interdisciplinarity and the - Islam Law & War
7 See, Fionnuala Nı Aoláin and Colm Campbell, 'The Paradox of Transition in Conflicted Democ- racies,' Human Rights .... with Warlords and Rebels in Africa,' Michigan Journal of International Law 27(2) (2006): 495–578; ..... warring factions . .... anti-disciplinarity, which is the perhaps utopian goal of establishing a common.

The Enigma of the Stranger: The Chinese Filipino as Alien and Citizen
Chinese in Philippine society is not only due to their race and their legal designation .... each opposing class in the classic Marxist sense,6 I read in Banyaga a similar utopian ..... paradoxes of identity through the phenomenon of the banyaga, the stranger from ..... the warlords who want to break our country into pieces.

What Everybody Really Wants to Know About Money
The diamond/water paradox. Where is ..... faction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption … We need .... economics, while research on utopian movements is confined to departments of .... chieftain' in the predatory exploits of barbarian warlords.

Rebuilding State Institutions in Collapsed States
paradoxical that Kosovo, a territory the international community refuses to envisage as an ... Congo controlled by Jean-Pierre Bemba, a warlord who is busy negotiating peace deals among warring factions and appointing ' administrators' to various districts ..... not simply ambitious, it was almost Utopian. There was no ...