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studies on high performance cmos circuits in dsm - Shodhganga
... designing circuits using CMOS transistors, viz., Static logic, Dynamic logic and Domino ... for high performance digital design due to the power problems with.
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A Novel Approach for High Speed and Low Power 4 - IOSR Journals
Abstract: A circuit design for a new high speed and Low Power 4-bit Braun ... Building of low power VLSI system has emerged significant performance goal .... The proposed low-power design technique for domino logic circuits is explained.

Novel keeper technique for Domino logic circuits in DSM Technology
approach in most high complexity digital systems. Dynamic ... micrometer (DSM) domino logic circuits utilizing low power ... VLSI circuits. These dynamic circuits are often favoured in high performance designs because of the speed advantage .

Leakage Power Reduction in CMOS VLSI Circuits - CiteSeerX
novel approaches for reducing both leakage and dynamic power with minimum ... Power dissipation has become a very critical design metric .... problem in low- voltage high-performance CMOS circuits. ... logic networks using sleep transistors, the sleep transistor .... Dynamic Voltage Swing Domino Logic Circuits” Indian.

Mixed-Swing QuadRail for Low Power Dual-Rail Domino Logic
Domino CMOS [1] has become the prevailing logic family for high performance CMOS applications and it is extensively used in most ... logic gate that offers simultaneous power and delay reductions. In Sec. .... of dual-rail domino logic in order to design robust, low latency, high ... obtained with the mixed swing approach.

Design and Implementation of Enhanced Leakage Power Reduction
Subsequently, the high performance requirements ... for high performance circuit with low power utilization [9]. In this paper ... In this study, proposed a novel technique that reduces the power leakage of ... of the proposed approach is adopted in VLSI circuit design, ... the utilization of domino logic function in the connected.

Analysis and Optimization Problems in High Speed Circuits with
the large size of power distribution networks in high performance designs, a fast hier ..... With the exponential scaling of feature sizes in Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) ... It has made important contributions in the design of low cycle time ... Various novel approaches for technology mapping for domino logic are presented ...

Domino logic designs for high-performance and - Semantic Scholar
May 22, 2012 ... In this paper, we propose several domino logic circuit techniques to improve the robustness and performance along with leakage power. Lower total power consumption is ... (F. Moradi). INTEGRATION, the VLSI journal 46 (2013) 247– 254 .... resulting in a high to low transition on the dynamic node. In this.

Novel High-Speed and Ultra-Low-Voltage CMOS NAND - ThinkMind
Novel High-Speed and Ultra-Low-Voltage CMOS NAND and NOR Domino Gates . Yngvar Berg ... modern electronic systems designed for high-performance and/ or portable ... tion of VLSI circuits [1], [2], these can range from low- ... Low- Voltage (ULV) and Low-Power (LP) logic [3]. How- ... There are several approaches.

LEAKAGE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE CMOS. CIRCUITS USING NOVEL STACKED SLEEP ... comparison with conventional approach, thus maintaining the state of art of the logic in the digital circuit. Keywords: ... in VLSI circuits includes static (or leakage) ... to low power design. ..... “Issues in the Design of Domino Logic.

a novel approach for leakage power reduction techniques in
International Journal of VLSI design & Communication Systems (VLSICS) Vol.5 ... Leakage Power, High Vth, Low Vth, sleep transistor, Transistor stacking. .... transistor enhance the circuit performance and maintain the proper logic of the .... domino for wide fan-in gates” INTEGRATION, the VLSI Journal 45 (2012), pp 22– 32.

Low power sleep switch based domino logic circuit with - IJSETR
Vth designs by stacking low Vth transistors. ... The high performance microprocessor employs domino logic ... VLSI circuits to suppress the leakage current to reduce the ... A novel stacked ... This approach will reduce sub threshold leakage.

a comparative analysis of different cmos logic design - IJAREEIE
PG Student [VLSI Design], Department of E&EC, PEC University of ... techniques also plays an important role in achieving high performance, low power or low area. ... For example in static CMOS circuits power dissipation is low but are very ... Domino logic design technique is the improved version of dynamic logic family.

a novel low power and low delay buffer using domino logic design in
May 31, 2017 ... in the circuit design while driving large capacitive loads. Usually large ... In the VLSI ... of the gate from a logic low to logic high output transition and .... its high performance. .... [3] CMOS Buffer Design Approach for Low power.

Design And Analysis Of Logic Gates Using Static And Domino Logic
Abstract- This paper presents a new design of static and Domino logic using CMOS ... high output ―one‖, or, alternatively, between VSS and F for .... and also proposed a novel low-power domino gate design ... logical extension of P- well and N-well approaches is the .... Ge Yang et. al, ―Low Power and High Performance.

Comparative Study of Different Modes for Reducing Leakage and
hardware and software design. The leakage ... forced stack, sleepy stack, sleepy keeper, dual sleep approach ... power consumption is essential for high performance VLSI systems. .... Dual Stack Method: A Novel Approach to Low Leakage and Speed ... Swing Domino Logic Circuits Indian Journal of Computer Science.

A New Ultra Low-Power & Noise Tolerant Circuit Technique for Wide
In this paper a new high performance low power and noise tolerant circuit technique for wide fan-in domino logic is proposed where ... The rapid integration of VLSI circuit is due to the increased use of portable wireless systems with low power ... circuit design technique is to improved noise immunity and circuit performance,.

Feb 14, 2012 ... 3) Entitled: Development of High stable, Low Leakage, High Speed SRAM Cell: ... 2) Entitled: Novel Circuit approach for Low power battery operated .... leakage reduction in domino logic circuits”, Springer Microsystem Technologies, ... Approach for Low Power 6T SRAM Cell” Journal of VLSI Design Tools ...
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Bitline Techniques With Dual Dynamic Nodes for Low-Power
Index Terms—Domino logic circuits, dynamic gates, high-speed integrated circuits, low-power design, noise immunity, register files, switching activity.

Robust Dynamic Node Low Voltage Swing Domino Logic with
the idle mode leakage power consumption of high fan-in domino ... modern high performance microprocessors because of the superior speed ... A novel dynamic node low voltage swing domino logic ... voltage swing dual-Vt domino logic circuit technique is ..... on Computer Design: VLSI in Computers and Processors, pp.