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Generic Inference
Valuation Algebras & Local Computation. Generic Constructions ... The Generic Inference Problem ... There are many ways to represent knowledge and information. Relations ..... Algebraic structure with two operations + and Ă— over a set A.

Anytime Inference in Valuation Algebras arXiv:1605.04218v1 [cs.AI
May 13, 2016 ... Generic inference generalises inference algorithms by abstracting the essential components of information in an algebraic structure. In [13], an ...

Lecture Notes The Algebraic Theory of Information - DIUF
Nov 24, 2010 ... This provides the abstract base for generic infer- ence methods covering ... This algebraic structure, completed by the important idempotency axiom, is the the .... 9.5 Representation Theory of Information Algebras . . . . . . . . 146.

Ordered valuation algebras: a generic framework - Science Direct
The paper presents a generic approach of approximating inference. The method is ... structure with two essential algebraic operations of combination and margin- ... holds. Such systems are called information algebras and were introduced by.

Information algebra system of soft sets
Jan 14, 2012 ... Information algebra is algebraic structure for local computation and inference. ... mulation of some basic axioms of local computation and inference ..... [3] J. Kohlas, Information Algebras: Generic Structures for Inference, ... http://diuf.unifr. ch/drupal/tns/sites/

Information Algebra - Springer
Download Book (PDF, 5922 KB) Download Chapter (423 KB) ... Information Algebra ... According to Shannon's classical information theory [19] information is  ...

Type inference with structural subtyping: A faithful -
mented in Objective Caml, yielding a generic type inference engine. Its efficiency .... of concise and readable typing information, and are most beneficial in the pres - ... The ground algebra is a logical model for interpreting constraints and type.

Generalizing Semiring induced Valuation Algebras TR - IIIA CSIC
Dec 13, 2013 ... Valuation algebras, are the algebraic structure associated with the ... third one, which is based on Pouly and Kohlas book Generic inference [8], introduces ... Information treatment and manipulation on huge domains is usually ...

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sponding inference algorithms based on valuation algebras. 1 A GENERAL .... [3] J. Kohlas, Information Algebras: Generic Structures for Inference,. Springer ...

Generic Systematic Nomenclature - ACS Publications - American
formula and compound classes in chemistry, chemical information science, and chemical education are discussed. ... generic structural formulas (GSFs), we noted their importance as vehicles for ... applications identified were for chemical inference (with and .... an algebra governing the combinatoric possibilities and any.

generics and the structure of the mind - Princeton University
If we focus our attention on generics such as 'tigers are striped', the situation does not seem too ...... inferences that may be retracted in light of additional information. They are ..... deliberate reasoning that follows the rules of algebra. The initial ...

Information Algebras and Consequence Opera- tors - Springer Link
generic inference theory. This is due to the fact that all these calculi are models of a certain algebraic structure which is similar to information algebras [9,10].

Solving Decision Problems with Limited Information - NIPS
(POMDP) might be forced to disregard part of the available information in order to meet computa- ...... Information Algebras: Generic Structures for Inference.

Type Inference for Records in a Natural Extension of ML - Carnegie
Our goal is to provide type inference for labeled products, a data structure ... di erent ports on which processes can exchange information. .... has been Wand's proposal Wan87] where inheritance is obtained from ML generic polymorphism. .... framework of sorted algebras; record types will be sorted types modulo equations.

A Probabilistic Framework for Security Scenarios with - Hal
Dec 10, 2014 ... trees with probabilistic information expressed in terms of Bayesian net- ...... Kohlas, J.: Information Algebras: Generic Structures for Inference.

Special Issue on Combining Probability and Logic - Kent Blogs
... structural and probabilistic information is sufficient to induce a unique joint probability func- ..... Information algebras: generic structures for inference. Springer ...

Correct Audit Logging: Theory and Practice - Harvard John A
We define a gen- eral semantics of audit logs using the theory of information algebra [32], and interpret ...... ~samirmoh/TR/TR_Audit.pdf. [4] Bauer, L. .... ACM (2012). [31] Kohlas, J.: Information Algebras: Generic Structures For Inference.

Ordered Valuation Algebras: a Generic Framework for - CiteSeerX
Dec 20, 2002 ... The paper presents a generic approach of approximating inference. ... Many different AI formalisms have a common underlying algebraic structure ... Such systems are called information algebras and were introduced by.

Probabilistic Programming Process Algebra - Informatics Blog Service
ters and structure of a process algebra model. While this and ... in probabilistic programming languages, which aim to perform inference by pro- ... This section gives some information on the language on which ProPPA is based, ... product, catalyst, inhibitor or generic modifier, respectively. ..... and the corresponding pdf is:.

Developing the Algebraic Hierarchy with Type Classes in Coq
mathematics—these challenges include structure inference, handling of multiple ... universal algebra, all expressed using type classes for optimum effect. .... of fully internalized implementations of generic tactics for algebraic manipula- tion, no ...