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Mole Concept - Bansal Classes
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. MOLE CONCEPT ... Methods of expressing concentration of solution. 28. 25. ... (c) Gram atomic mass of Cl = [Mass of 1 Cl atom × N. A. ].

Synthesis and characterization of the cubane-type molybdenum
Mar 17, 1993 ... Inorganic Chemistry ... The resultant red-brown solution was filtered to ... mean), 2.342[6]; In-Sn(n = 2-4,mean),2.645[14]; M0-O(H20,mean),.

Solutions. 19-33. 3. Electrochemistry concepts. 34-55. 4. Chemical Kinetics. 56- 78 ... No. of tetrahedral voids = 2 x N (where N is number of closed packed .... Ans . Physical properties show different values when measured along different axis in .

A new encapsulation solution for flexible organic solar cells - JKU
Jan 19, 2006 ... A new encapsulation solution for flexible organic solar cells ... a Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells (LIOS), Physical Chemistry, Johannes Kepler .... (n) and with flexible gas barrier material (j) versus storage time in the dark .... [14] S. Kumar, A.K. Biswas, V.K. Shukla, A. Awasthi, R.S. Anand, J. Narain,.

Interaction Studies of Dilute Aqueous Oxalic Acid - Hindawi
Physical Chemistry Laboratory,. Department of Chemistry Kumuan University,. S S J Campus ... acid at different concentration in dilute aqueous solution were measured at 293 K. .... Where k is the characteristic constant, n is the monomer present in the molecular .... Parmar M L, Awasthi R K and Guleria M N, J. Chem. Sci.

Adsorptive removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution using nano-sized
Cite this article as: Ramesh, S.T., Rameshbabu, N., Gandhimathi, R. et al. ... This study investigated the sorption of Pb(II) in aqueous solution onto hydroxyapatite ( HA) surfaces. ..... Kanjilal D, Avasthi DK, Varma HK, Narayana Kalkura S (2012) Enhancement of ... Halsey G (1948) Physical adsorption on non-uniform surfaces .

Annual Report 2014-15 - IISER Pune
Dec 16, 2015 ... the Royal Society of Chemistry to spend 6 weeks in their ... With good physical and campus infrastructure in place, IISER Pune is .... acid/NaSH-mediated synthesis of N-protected amino thioacids ..... Gokhale, S., Lamba, S., Kumari, N., Singh, B., Avasthi, ..... Successive phase transitions and KInk solutions in.
IISER Pune AR 2014-2015 opt.pdf

syntheses, characterizations and biological screening of titanium (iv)
Mar 5, 2014 ... 1Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (H.P.), India 177005, ... titanium(IV) of organic and inorganic ligands highly susceptible to hydrolysis ... drop wise into 20 mL methanolic solution of amoxicillin (E1) (2.6 ..... Kaushal R, Kumar N, Kaushal R, Awasthi P. An insight into metal.

2013-2014 - IIT Kanpur
Jun 1, 2014 ... Saxena, D.; Bhaumik, Sayak; Singh, S. N, Identification of Multiple ... on a Mica Surface, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C,118,13 ..... Dwivedi, Prashant Kishor; Awasthi, Seema; Biswas, Animesh; ... Singh, Anil Kumar; Subramaniam, Anandh, On the formation of disordered solid solutions in multi-.

I (Sem. II) - Shivaji University
B.Sc. Part-I. Chemistry. SEMESTER – I. Paper – I (Physical and Inorganic. Chemistry). 40. 10. 50 ..... D. D. Awasthi (2000). A Text book of Algae - ..... in Chemistry - - - -. [5]. 1.1 Definitions of the terms: Solute, solvent, solution and dilute solution. ... 2.6 Energy level sequence of molecular orbitals for n = 1 and n = 2. 2.7 M. O. ...
Sem-II Syllabus ,Practical & Equivalence.pdf

+ < syn - RSC Publishing
b Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Chalmers University of Technology and ... The mode of attack by acetate on a (n-allyl)palladium complex depends not only on the ligands on palladium, but ... less pronounced chair and boat, respectively, in solution than .... Hopkins, H. Grennberg, M. M. Mader and A. K. Awasthi, J. Am.

Colloidal solutions of niobium trisulfide and niobium triselenide
Apr 29, 2014 ... aNikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of. Sciences, 3, Acad. ... chemical method or upon interaction with n- butyllithium. ..... 18 S. K. Srivastava and B. N. Avasthi, J. Mater.

JSCS, Vol. 79, No.11, 2014 :: pp. 1337-1460
Organic Chemistry. R. F. Alamdari, F. G. Zamani and N. Zekri: An efficient and highly selective ortho-tert- ... Inorganic Chemistry ... with n = 1 or 2, m = 1 or 2 and X = Li+ or Na+ . .... was added to the solution dropwise and cooling to maintain the temperature at 0–5 °C. After ...... S. P. Sing, S. K. Shukla, L. P. Awasthi, Curr. Sci.

Part - I (Sem. I) - Shivaji University
Chemistry. SEMESTER – I. Paper – I. (Physical and. Inorganic Chemistry). 40. 10 ..... D. D. Awasthi (2000). 2. ..... 2.9 Geometrical isomerism with respect to C = C , –C = N – and alicyclic ..... 3.5 Solution of biqudratic equations by Ferari method.
sem I syllabus.pdf

X ray Crystallographic Study of Crystalline Products - Springer Link
ISSN 0036 0236, Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, Vol. ... together aqueous solutions of lanthanum nitrate ... monoclinic, space group P21/n, a = 18.8026(8) Å, b = 14.9453(5) Å, ..... P. R. Shukla and B. B. Awasthi, J. Ind. Chem.

Nano Copper - arXiv
physical and chemical properties, which are quite dissimilar from those of bulk materials. ... (1.5 A) and with constant concentration of the Copper Sulpahte solution for ... is one of the most important characterization tools used in solid state chemistry .... (n=1). 2Sinθ. Wavelength λ = 1.5418 Å for Cu Ka. 1) 2θ = 43.64 θ = 21.82.

Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Nov 13, 2007 ... tion of H2S. Organic polysulfides (R-Sn-R ; n > 2) also undergo ... Herein, the term H2S refers to totality of free sulfide in solution. In vivo and in ...... Cotton FA, Wilkinson G (1988) Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (Wiley, New. York). 7. ... Sharma R, Awasthi S, Zimniak P, Awasthi YC (2000) Acta Biochim Pol.

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International Journal of Advanced Chemistry, 2 (2) (2014) 66-69 ... The density and ultrasonic velocity were measured for aqueous solutions of nickel complex and its ... n. , limiting apparent molar compressibility ( )Kφ. , apparent molar volume ( )Vφ ..... [8] Awasthi A, Sukla JP & Rastogi M (2004) Ultrasonic and IR study of.

Synthesis and selected properties of a new solid solution in the
new continuous substitution solid solution with the formula ... Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, ..... n-pentane on magnesium vanadate catalysts. Catal Today. ... Roy M, Dave P, Barbar SK, Jangid S, Phase DM, Awasthi AM.

Synthesis, Characterization, Antimicrobial studies, Schiff base
Department of Chemistry, F.E.T., R.B.S. College, Bichpuri (Campus) Agra, India. Abstract In the ... functional group (HC=N) is believed to be responsible for .... ethanolic solution of 0.54 gm (3x10-3M) of HBAPy ligand was mixed with an ... Physical and Analytical Data of Synthesized Ligands and their Metal Complexes. S.No.