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Kinematic control of redundant robot manipulators - Semantic Scholar
In this paper, we present a tentatively comprehensive tutorial report of the most recent literature ... Jacobian, those based on the local optimization of objective functions in the null space of ... Redundant manipulators, robot kinematic control, singularities, ..... Preprints of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop 'Robots with ...

Development of a Reactive Mobile Robot Using Real Time Vision
mentation issues of a vision based control approach applied to a ... The second part of the paper deals ... task speci cation aspects using sensor based control ... is to specify these interactions in terms of kinematics .... trol scheme using visual feedback (for more advanced ..... Multiprocessor Robot Controllers, Proceedings.

A closed-loop inverse kinematic scheme for on-line joint-based
The inverse kinematic problem (IKP) is cast as a control problem for ... sensor- based robot applications. The algorithms do ... This paper is based on work supported by the Ministero dell. 'Universitd e ... is obtained by constructing a simple closed-loop dynamic system ...... NATO Advanced Research Workshop: Robots with.

Kinematic control of redundant robot manipulators: A tutorial
Oct 20, 1989 ... September 1990 , Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 201–212 ... In this paper, we present a tentatively comprehensive tutorial report of the most recent ... namely those based on the simple manipulator's Jacobian, those based on the local ... Redundant manipulators robot kinematic control singularities pseudoinverses ...

Extended Task Space Control for Robotic Manipulators
Mar 24, 1993 ... Backes, “Multi-Sensor Based Impedance Control for Task ... Work in Reachable but Unorientable Space”, IEEE Trans- ... dancy in Remote Manipulator Systems; NATO Advanced ... In Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Robotics ..... velocity and position, the behavior kinematic quantities.

1 Introduction - Defense Technical Information Center
Apr 24, 2015 ... Advanced Mobility Testbed for Dynamic Semi-Autonomous ... integrated sensor, controller, and multi-body dynamics models [1]. ... The research described in this paper is from a collaborative project ... in-the-loop testing to large-scale Monte Carlo simulation based .... centers for a variety of problems.

Biological Inspiration for Agile Autonomous Air Vehicles - NATO STO
issues provide rich opportunities for research to produce genuine ... Meeting Proceedings RTO-MP-AVT-146,. Paper 15. Neuilly-sur-Seine, France: RTO. ... as with body dynamics sensing in the fly, most biological sensing involves structures .... from precisely controlled wing kinematics. ..... Prentice Hall Series in Advanced.

Developing Intelligent Wheelchairs for the Handicapped
calculation of kinematics and dynamics for each planned motion, occupy the center of ... Based on our experience, methods used and some issues related to the ... Below is a description of research on intelligent wheelchairs that has been .... advance. An azimuth sensor is used to give the angle between a fixed point and a.

J. Michael McCarthy November 1, 2010 - UCI
Nov 1, 2010 ... 2005 Best Paper Award, 2005 ASME Mechanisms and Robotics .... A. Gillett, " Kinematic and Dynamics Analysis of an Anthropomorphic .... Advanced Actuator/ Sensor/Control System for Robotic Applications (with S. Goldwasser, CIS. University ..... Robots, NATO Advanced Research Workshop: "Robots with ...

SWARM-BOTS: Physical Interactions in Collective Robotics
We present a new type of robot concept called swarm-bot, based on ... Several advanced robotics applications, such as rescue and planetary or underwater .... issue was the mobility of the swarm-bot with respect to individual s-bots. .... validation of distributed swarm control policies and to reproduce kinematics and dynamic.

(Kostas) J. Kyriakopoulos, Ph.D. - NTUA Personal home pages
Neuro-Robotics: robotic control based on peripheral and central nervous ... New York State Center for Advanced Technology in Automation and Robotics .... Member of the Best Medical Paper Award Committee for the “IEEE Robotics and ..... Kinematics and Dynamics of Multiple Mobile Manipulators Handling Non-rigid .

Flight Control System for a Micromechanical Flying Insect - CiteSeerX
a case study, a stabilizing hovering control scheme ... dynamics and in microtechnology, seem to provide .... ros, control the wing kinematics in order to keep the insect ... always works to maintain the insect body in hov- ... real flying insects and UAV research [4], decom- ... issues and the other to noise in the sensors signal.

Here - CIS-RAM 2017
Jun 29, 2010 ... Centre for Intelligent Control, National University of Singapore, ... sors, mechatronics system design, kinematics and dynamics ... also have technical papers which demonstrate the applications of advanced research ... Biologically- Inspired Robots and Systems, Sensor Based Robotics, .... Luca Schenato.

Use of Learning Methods to Improve Kinematic Models - De Gruyter
patterns and decision-making based on sensor data. As a ... examples of such parameters are: static and dynamic traction ... This paper presents the method to improve kinematic model ... presents the research method in detail. ... neuro- controller learning [4]: it avoids any neural network ..... Latvia in NATO RTO AVT panel.

Middleware in robotics - Politecnico di Milano
... controls the robot. In this work we want to give an overview of the most used middleware ... communication issues [1]. ... based on a small set of service routines. 2.2 What .... control software for advanced robotics research. [5]. ... kinematics, dynamics, planning, sensing ..... Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE International Con-.

Kinematic Analysis of the Hydraulic Shoulder: A 3 - IEEE Xplore
Proceedings of the IEEE ... Advanced Robotics and Automated Systems (ARAS), ... Abstract - In this paper, kinematic modeling of a three DOF ... position control of parallel manipulators. ... regarded as an interesting problem in parallel robotics research. ... the shoulder with the LVDT position sensors used as the output.

Incremental Semiparametric Inverse Dynamics Learning
Jan 18, 2016 ... learning the dynamics of one arm of the iCub humanoid robot. ... TABLE I: Summary of related works on semiparametric or ... model-based control and state estimation schemes. .... structure depends on the kinematic parameters of the robot, ... the RLS problem that is solved for the parametric identifi-.

for ground-based research into space telerobotic activities, including controller development for manipulators with joint torque sensors. [Jansen,90a][Kress,92].

Sensors for Robotics 2015 - Hindawi
Jul 6, 2015 ... Luca Schenato, Italy ... Virtual Plane Approach in Dynamic Environments, Doopalam Tuvshinjargal, Byambaa ... robot researchers has been paid to the robot sensor, as a key ... This paper proposes an EMG prosthetic hand control strategy ... based robot sensing is always a key issue for object tracking,.

Attitude Estimation of a Biologically Inspired Robotic Housefly <i>via
Advanced Robotics 23 (2009) 955–977 Full paper ... estimates attitude based on kinematic data available from different and redundant bio- inspired ... Sensor fusion, dynamic attitude estimation, biologically inspired robots . 1. ... towards overall flight control, as is clear from a vast amount of literature on heli-.