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RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS Monday, August 1, 8: 00AM-9: 00AM
Rajiv Khosla, Mei-Tai Chu, K.G. Yamada, K. Kunieda and S. Oga .... 11:40AM Genetic Optimization of Ensemble Neural Networks for Complex Time Series Prediction ... 12:20PM Modeling Prosopagnosia Using Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks ... 5:00PM Optimal Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems with Unfixed ...

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Jun 16, 2014 ... Supply Chain Network Competition in Time-Sensitive. Markets ... and Ladimer S. Nagurney4, 1Department of Operations ..... traffic conditions in real-time including dynamic message sign- .... procedure in multi-layered control problems in aviation man- ... Multiobjective Control of Time-Discrete Systems and.

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Optimization-IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, January 2015. 7. ... B. Lorenzo, S. Glisic, “Genetic Algorithm Based Dynamic Relay-Topology Control in Multihop .... B. Lorenzo, S. Glisic, “Multi-Objective Optimization for Intercell Interference .... S.G. GLlSIC -Time response of DSG(h, k) discrete tracking system for slow ...

A neural network approach to multiobjective optimization for water
Abstract. A new neural network-based multiobjective optimization of water quality management for water pollution control and river basin planning is .... and present the DM's preferences for solving discrete multi- ... multilayer neural networks are able to approximate any func- ... through time of fixed-bed adsorption systems.

A review of particle swarm optimization. Part II - Springer Link
Jul 17, 2007 ... Abstract Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), in its present form, has been in ... before that; a relatively short time compared with some of the other ... Software Systems Modelling Group, School of Design, Engineering ...... Hu X, Eberhart RC (2002a) Multiobjective optimization using dynamic neighbourhood ...

Peak-to-peak exponential direct learning of continuous-time
Feb 25, 2013 ... Dynamic neural network models trained by the proposed P2PEDLL ... quently in combinatorial optimization, signal processing, control, and pattern ... linear systems studied the stability conditions of learning laws. ..... of nonlinear dynamical systems using multilayered neural networks. ... Discrete Dyn. Nat.

Individual Particle Optimized Functional Link Neural Network for
(FLNN) structure for identifying nonlinear dynamic systems. We ... algorithm as a real-time optimal tuning technique, which is ... intensive multi layer neural networks, FLNN architecture was ... multi-objective problems such as optimization of weights of .... S. f x where. ( ) w. f x is the approximating function. The set of functions ...

a simulation optimization framework for discrete - Semantic Scholar
in Discrete Event Logistics Systems (DELS), a class of dynamic systems that create value by ... real-time operational control decisions, such as dispatching and routing. .... The token flow network is a multi-layer architecture that starts by formalizing .... Figure 4: Candidate solutions from multi-objective simulation optimization.

Organization Learning Oriented Approach with Application to
Feb 28, 2016 ... Inspired by future prediction, in the high level, the discrete dynamics is further written ... Optimization and control exist everywhere in nature and society. Human ... logic system (FLS) [9, 10] and neural networks (NNs) [11–14] are widely ...... [ 31] S. Jagannathan and F. Lewis, “Multilayer discrete-time neural-.

Optimized Method for Real Time Nonlinear Control - InTechOpen
Jun 13, 2012 ... A second kind of used model is the discrete dynamic system defined by a ..... the dynamic optimization process, 5) The neural network controller. .... Between the various neural networks architectures found in the literature, the multi-layer ..... This multi-objective optimization problem can be replaced by a ...

Study of a multi-strategy controller on a helium liquefier - IOPscience
Rajendran S. Menon, Tejas Rane, Anindya Chakravarty et al. ... Multi-objective Optimization on Helium Liquefier Using Genetic Algorithm ... Several dynamic simulators of helium ... In the discrete-time control system, the PID algorithm .... The BP is a multilayered network which consists of an input layer, an output layer and ...

Evolutionary Optimization: A Training Method for Neuromorphic
Mar 8, 2016 ... Systems. Catherine Schuman. Computational Data Analytics ... Discrete event simulation. ... Firing)Time) ... Dynamic Adaptive Neural Network Array ... An Evolutionary Optimization Framework for Neural Networks and .... A. Kolodny, and S. Kvatinsky, “Memristor-based multilayer neural networks with online.

Dynamic security enhancement of power systems - Tubitak Journals
Jul 30, 2017 ... problem with both continuous and discrete decision variables. ... control actions within an acceptable time, dynamic security assessment ... the size of real power systems, the optimization problem involves a ... multilayer perceptrons (MLPs) are used to predict stability indices, instead of .... ¯x and shape s.

Manufacturing System Coordinated Optimization Model and Its
of the model are real-time, dynamic, multi-objective and multistage. ... systems optimized scheduling algorithm, production control, simulation ... network architecture and algorithm of the multi-layer ..... s; the process time of cutting boards is regulated from 2s in the ... Monitoring Model in Discrete Manufacturing Workshop.

Hishamuddin Jamaluddin Position - Southern University College
29 Dis 2016 ... Suspension Control of Railway Vehicle Using Semi-Active ... Active Vibration Control of Flexible Beam Using Differential Evolution Optimisation. Mohd S. ... Structure optimization of neural network for dynamic system ... Deterministic Mutation-Based Algorithm for Model Structure Selection in Discrete-Time.

CT11 Abstracts 33 - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Interactive systems comprising nonlinear dynamics which evolve in two ... ( parametric analysis, optimization, control) are at a much ... implications on aspects such as measurement, network in- ... The optimal control of a linear stochastic system driven by ... For a discrete-time partially ob- ...... The multilayer version consists.

Integrated Operation and Cyclic Scheduling Optimization - American
Mar 26, 2015 ... •S Supporting Information. ABSTRACT: ... optimization control of cracking depth of a furnace. To handle ... strategy, and multiobjective optimization was carried out ... cyclic scheduling of a furnaces system problem was first ... process dynamic and the batch scheduling with the time- ..... discrete variables. 20.

Learnheuristics: hybridizing metaheuristics with - De Gruyter
Sep 7, 2016 ... be used to solve combinatorial optimization problems with dynamic inputs ... avoid incurring in prohibitive computing times. ..... an aircraft control system design application. ... is determined by using a multi-layer perceptron network. ..... where: (i) S refers to a discrete space of possible solutions s; (ii) C.s/ ...

CURRICULUM VITA Kwang Y. Lee ADDRESS - Baylor University
Sep 7, 2010 ... Member of IEEE Control Systems Society, Power Engineering Society, ... Lee, K. Y., S. N. Chow and R. O. Barr, “On the Control of Discrete-Time Distributed Parameter ... Park, Y. M., K. Y. Lee and L.T.O. Youn, "Optimization Technique for .... Dynamic Systems,” IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Vol.

Optimisation and integration of ground vehicle systems - CiteSeerX
given in the fields of vehicle system dynamics, powertrain/internal ... Several methods exist for converting the multi-objective formulation into one with a ... Discrete programming refers to problems where all the design variables have only .... Typically the simulation time for the pure numerical model is a small fraction (1/10.