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BBC News Styleguide - Media.Uoa
Every time anyone writes a script for BBC News they are potentially touching the lives of millions of people .... Tom Fort put it like this: ... will have to take time and trouble to answer. The fact is ... which hold a sentence together, often by showing .

Building up paragraphs quiz - BBC
What word would you use to join these two short sentences together to make a ... Use this information about mobile phones to answer questions 6, 7, 8 and 9 in ... when we keep our waste separate and put it through a process so that it can be.

Prefixes and suffixes quiz - BBC
BBC 2011 .... What does the suffix 'ful' do to the word house in this sentence? ... The correct answer is: B. A prefix is a group of letters (or a word) put before a ...

Nouns quiz - BBC
BBC 2011. Level A. 1. ... in this sentence? Please put the heavier books on the desk over there. ... The correct answer is: B. 'Bus' is a noun in this sentence. 2.

Pronouns - quiz - BBC
BBC 2011. Level A. 1. Choose the right pronoun to correctly finish this sentence: Issy went ... Sue and ....... went to shopping together yesterday. A) I .... The correct answer is: B. The answer is 'it', which refers to putting jewels in my pocket. 6.

Learning Guide - BBC
each section as well as answers to the exercises. ... Put the words below into the correct circle but remember, ..... Match the halves of the sentences together. 1.

Nouns quiz - BBC
There are 2 new TV series starting this evening so I think I'm going to put my feet ... The correct answer is: A. 'Stairs' is the noun in this sentence - it is the subject ...

and put students into pairs to ask and answer the ...... Complete the first sentence together as an example, .... a number of money idioms. www.bbc.co.uk/.

UNIT 1 - Bookery Education
same time). PRACTICE. 7A Put the words in the correct order to make ... B Listen again and answer the questions. ... 3A Who Do You Think You Are? is a BBC programme that gets ..... 1 Which pair works together? boss and employee. 2 Which ...

Writing a Formal Email - Menlo College
someone you do not know by name, you put “To Whom it May Concern.” When applying for a ... as the opening sentence, can be a greeting if the situation allows it. • I hope all is well ... Putting It All Together (answers may vary). 1.) Dear Professor ... “Writing Formal and Informal Emails.” BBC. 2011. Web. 24 September 2013.

TeachingEnglish | Lesson plans Phrasal verbs with 'Get'
BBC | British Council 2010. Phrasal verbs with 'Get ... equivalent (e.g. give out / distribute, put up with/ tolerate etc) and so they are ... Feedback answers together .

pairs. Elicit the correct answers and check the meaning of new words. Drill the pronunciation .... 7A Do the first question together as an example and write it on the board. ..... work alone to put the expressions in the word webs, then check their ..... Introduction. Ss watch an extract from the BBC current affairs programme .

is not enough room in your TB to write your answers you can write them here. How nice! .... NOTE: If your sentences go on for many lines, check you haven't put several sentences together .... Source: Adapted from source: bbc.co.uk/skillswise ..... Isn't it possible to put the 2nd sentence and the example sentence together?
EAP 3 MASTER WORKBOOK FINAL v1.1 MH 31012014.pdf

SAT Practice Test #6 Answer Explanations - College Board
work—work that is described in the next sentence as requiring “superhuman efforts” (line 28) .... broadcasters such as the BBC were widely regarded as the trusted shapers of authoritative agendas and ... Together these lines ... journalists should be to 'give the news as raw as it is, without putting their slant on it'; and people.

AS Level Business Candidate Style Answers - The wider - OCR
B does cite 'private individuals' in the second sentence of their ... help it find out what viewers really wanted and put the BBC in a stronger position to meet the needs of its viewers. 2. ..... their response, drawing together relevant arguments.

BBC micro:bit MicroPython Documentation - Read the Docs
The version of Python that runs on the BBC micro:bit is called MicroPython. .... of a sentence. .... It's easy to remember: output is what the device puts out to the world whereas input is what goes into the ... Python attempts to work out the inner -most answer ..... containers that group related files and sub-directories together.

Talk Spanish 2 in the classroom: Units 1–5 Unit 1 - BBC Active
work together to come up with at least one sentence in the third person plural with the information ... their picture and answers questions from the other learners about it. It doesn't ... On the second, put more general phrases, such as. Trabaja ...

Larger-Context Language Modelling
Dec 25, 2015 ... the evaluation on three corpora (IMDB, BBC, and Penn TreeBank), we ... context language model, we discover that content words, including .... beneficial to combine all these techniques together in order to .... bag-of-word sj is the bag-of- word representation of the j-th context sentence, and they are put into.

Aptis for Teens Learning Guide - British Council
Make sure you read the sentence carefully and all the possible answers before you make your final choice. .... learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/exams/ grammar-and-vocabulary-exams/words-go-together. Why don't you ... vocabulary practice can be found on the BBC ... Put sentences into the correct order to make a text.

BBC drama. READING ... 7A Put the words in the correct order to make questions . 1 many / are / your ... words. Listen again and repeat. D Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. ... back together again – but did they get married? No, they  ...