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Virtue Theory and Abortion Author(s): Rosalind Hursthouse Source
Source: Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 20, No. 3 (Summer, 1991), pp. 223- 246 ..... I should remind the reader of the aim of this discussion. I am not, in this article ... are discussing the morality of abortion, not the rights and wrongs of laws .
Hursthouse Rosalind, Virtue theory and abortion.pdf

"Abortion" In: The International Encyclopedia of Ethics - Wiley Online
tematic overview of a range of philosophical arguments about the moral permissibil- ity of abortion, distinguishing such arguments from arguments about public ... beginning of its existence, abortion is always morally wrong. ... rights and responsibilities does a pregnant woman have with respect to ..... (Reader 2008: 141).

1 Curriculum Vitae Judith Jarvis Thomson February 2016 Education
*"A Defense of Abortion," Philosophy & Public Affairs 1971 reprinted in: Cohen, Nagel, & Scanlon, The Rights and Wrongs of. Abortion. Feinberg, The Problems of ... on Rights," Arizona Law Review, 1978 reprinted in: Paul, Reading Nozick.

Ethics and Public Policy - Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public
wrong in theory or in practice, and in what ways should it be restricted? Required Readings. There will be a course text as well as other reading materials for PBPL 42. .... Judith Jarvis Thomson, “A Defense of Abortion,” Philosophy & Public Affairs, ... Pogge, “World Poverty and Human Rights,” Ethics & International Affairs,.

1 Ethical Arguments Concerning the Moral Permissibility of Abortion
Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics ... philosophical debate over the moral permissibility of deliberate abortion (also ... Arguments of the second kind treat the autonomy and rights of .... person, abortion must be morally wrong, such an argument is based on a misuse of the ..... Suggestions for Further Reading.

On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion
Abortion Argument" (Philosophy and Public Affairs I:1) argues that the problem of ... the moral status of abortion, to leave the rights of the pregnant woman out of ...

The Wrong of Abortion - Iowa State University
Much of the public debate about abortion concerns the question whether deliberate .... between those who are subjects of rights and those that are not? A long ..... hours each day reading and writing. .... Philosophy and Public Affairs, 1: 47-66;.

david boonin - University of Colorado Boulder
What's Wrong?: Applied ... "Robbing PETA to Spay Paul: Do Animal Rights Include Reproductive. Rights ... "Against the Golden Rule Argument Against Abortion," Journal of Applied ... Future Generations," Philosophy and Public Affairs vol. .... "David Boonin's book [A Defense of Abortion] is must reading for anyone seriously.

What Are We to Think about Thought Experiments? - Springer Link
ABSTRACT: Arguments from thought experiment ask the reader to imagine some .... 'The methodological hallmark of Philosophy & Public Affairs is the ..... Finnis, J. : 1973, 'The Rights and Wrongs of Abortion: A Reply to Thomson', Philosophy.

Michael Tooley, Abortion and Infanticide - JStor
heels of another, demand close reading. Although the primary ... abortion-related issue, namely the grounds for the ascription of a right to life, is .... same-witness bad investments, wrong turns, and so on. Having a right .... 2Michael Tooley, " Abortion and Infanticide," Philosophy and Public Affairs 2 (1972):37-65. 3See, e.g. ...

Abortions and Distortions: An Analysis of Morally - Acsu Buffalo
Thomson argues that a woman's right to control her body permits her to abort ... In it she asks the reader to imagine that he wakes up one ... violinist is not doing anything wrong, it is the principle of minimizing harms ...... in “The Rights and Wrongs of Abortion: A Reply to Judith Thomson.” Philosophy and Public. Affairs. Vol. 2.

Phil 108: Contemporary Ethical Issues T, Th 9:30–11am 220
Is abortion wrong? Is it wrong to kill yourself to spare yourself a future of pain and ... If you wish to have a paper copy, a reader can be purchased at Copy Central on ... Murphy, “The Demands of Beneficence” (Philosophy and Public Affairs) .... Quinn, “The Right to Threaten and the Right to Punish” (Philosophy and Public.

Phil 108: Contemporary Ethical Issues T, Th 9:30-11am 103 Moffitt
Brian Berkey. Office hours and contact info: http://philosophy.berkeley.edu/people /detail/98 ... Is abortion wrong? Is it wrong to kill yourself to spare yourself a future of pain and debilitation? Is ... Library in Moses Hall, but only for reading within the library. ... Thomson, “Self-Defense and Rights” (Philosophy and Public Affairs).

Philosophy Faculty Reading List and Course Outline 2017-2018
MACKIE, J. L., Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong (London: Penguin, 1977), ch. .... Judith Jarvis, 'A Defense of Abortion', Philosophy & Public Affairs, 1, no. 1.

The Potentiality Principle from Aristotle to Abortion - The University
ing back to Aristotle, the philosophical literature merits our attention as we .... is wrong to kill an organism (e.g., a fetus) which will come to have that ... the moral right to abortion: “To equate a potential with an actual, is ...... discipline. Reading the philosophers was a fascinating exercise .... Philosophy and Public Affairs.

The Philosophy of Sex - PhilPapers
Is Homosexual Conduct Wrong? ... inform you, my students, colleagues, and other readers, that I was happy with the ... (from the prestigious journal Philosophy and Public Affairs). ... the abortion controversy and contemporary sexual norms.9 .... woman's right to control what happens to and in her own body, I think the essay.

Is There Potential in Potentiality?
Re-reading of Michael Tooley, 'Abortion and Infanticide', Philosophy. & Public Affairs Vol. ... anniversary of its original publication in Philosophy and Public Affairs, has by no means ..... (1) It would be wrong to ascribe a right to life to a young.

A Judith-Jarvis-Thomson- Inspired Argument on Abortion
30; John Finnis, “The Rights and Wrongs of Abortion: A Reply to Judith. Jarvis Thomson,” Philosophy and Public Affairs 2 (1973), pp. 117-45, esp. p. 141.

Why Abortion is Immoral
of fetuses to having or not having the right to life or to some other moral ... principles such as “It is prima facie seriously wrong to kill ... “Abortion: Identity and Loss,” Philosophy and Public Affairs,. Vol. ..... pain on me (or you, reader). What is the ...

A Review of David Boonin's A Defense of Abortion
Reasonableness' Argument for Abortion Rights: A Critique,” American Journal of Jurisprudence ..... edits from the reader's view the philosophical scaffolding that is ..... 174-75. This article was originally published in Philosophy and Public Affairs 1 ... and Wrongs of Abortion: A Reply to Judith Thomson,” Philosophy & Public.