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The Authoritarian Dynamic – By Karen Stenner - Wiley Online Library
In The Authoritarian Dynamic, Karen Stenner injects new ideas and evidence ... According to Stenner, authoritarianism “is a basic predisposition concerned.

Book Review: The Authoritarian Dynamic - SAGE Journals
Karen Stenner's The Authoritarian Dynamic is a tour de force. She has ... One of Stenner's central contributions to the study of authoritarian personality is her.

Authoritarianism—With or Without Threat? - Wiley Online Library
The Authoritarian Dynamic. By Karen Stenner. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,. 2005. 392 pp., $75.00 cloth (ISBN: 0-521-82743-4), $29.99 paper ...

Authoritarianism and Intolerance Under Autocratic and Democratic
Keywords: autocracy, authoritarianism, democracy, normative threat, social tolerance .... The concept of an authoritarian predisposition (Feldman & Stenner, 1997; Stenner, 2005) is relatively straightfor- ward ...... The authoritarian dynamic.

Power Sharing and Leadership Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes
model of authoritarian politics in which power sharing is complicated by this conflict of ... dynamics of power sharing and accountability in authoritarian regimes.

The Social Origins of Authoritarianism - MyWeb
Jul 13, 2011 ... of authoritarianism and the political effects of economic inequality. 2 Economic Inequality ...... Stenner, Karen. 2005. The Authoritarian Dynamic.

The Challenge of Semi-Authoritarianism: An Introduction - Carnegie
be leading to the modernization of semi-authoritarianism rather than ..... The dynamics that keep most semi-authoritarian regimes in power are based on a ...

The Authoritarian Welfare State: a Marginalized - Buffett Institute
authoritarian welfare state can help develop a more comprehensive model of the ..... of uncovering the internal dynamics of authoritarianism or explaining the ...

The Authoritarian Personality - IS MU
THE AUTHORITARIAN PERSONALITY. By T. JV. Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, . Daniel]. Le,vinson and R. Nevitt Sanford. DYNAMICS OF PREJUDICE. A.

Understanding the Authoritarian State - Brown University
Nov 29, 2012 ... In the first, the authoritarian state in Central Asia is viewed as .... authoritarian, but its internal dynamics have begun to adopt the classic patterns ..... 2005), http:// 11.

The Authoritarian Resurgence - Journal of Democracy
Apr 2, 2015 ... of the past; it has turned toward harsh authoritarianism and aspires to .... isfaction of the most dynamic parts of Russian society; to divert atten- ..... pdf; Tony Brenton , “The Unfolding Ukraine Crisis Signals a New World Order,” ...

Authoritarian Dynamics and Unethical Decision Making: High Social
Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): Authoritarian Dynamics and Unethical Decision Making: High Social Dominance Orientation Leaders and High Right-Wing ...
Son Hing Bobocel Zanna McBride 2007.pdf

Political Psychology - University of Chicago
politics, organizational dynamics, voting, and so on. Because Brehm is ... The authoritarian dynamic, chapter Kindred spirits, common spark: the theory.

Authoritarianism in Black and White: Testing the Cross-Racial
rearing scale now used to measure authoritarianism is cross-racially invalid .... We suspect these dynamics exist in the measurement of authoritarianism.

The Authoritarian Voter? The Psychology and Values of Donald
May 1, 2016 ... Abstract. In this article, authoritarian theory in psychology is used to describe ... dynamic. Fox News works very hard to tell their viewers (largely ...

Marketing_Fragment 6 x 10.Long.T65 - Assets - Cambridge
the authoritarian dynamic. What are the root causes of intolerance? This book addresses that question by developing a universal theory of what determines ...

China's Developmental Authoritarianism - Dali L. Yang
Aug 19, 2013 ... Taiwan Journal of Democracy, Volume 12, No. 1: 100-123. China's Developmental Authoritarianism. Dynamics and Pitfalls. Dali L. Yang.

"Conservatism," Context-Dependence, and Cognitive Incapacity - jstor
same - common authority, and shared values - appear to be under threat. In this " authoritarian dynamic". (Stenner, 2005), perceptions of leadership failure and.

Authoritarianism, Conservatism, Racial Diversity Threat, and the
On the basis of K. Stenner's (2005) authoritarian dynamic theory, the author ... ( 2003) claimed that typical recruits to hate groups are raised in authoritarian ...... PDF. McVeigh, R. (2004). Structured ignorance and organized racism in the United ...

Pluralistic conditioning: social tolerance and effective democracy
and employs an interactive model of authoritarianism she refers to as the authoritarian dynamic. 27. Stenner argues that as a result of a cognitive incapacity to ...
Pluralistic Conditioning - Democratization.pdf