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Determining Evolutionary Relationships Using BLAST - EDVOTEK
The objective of the experiment is for students to become familiar ... and to construct cladograms that provide evidence for evolutionary .... sequencing efforts in order to understand the biological complexity of an .... Answer the following questions using the cladogram, below. 1. .... summary report of the BLAST results page.

Comparing DNA Sequences to Understand Evolutionary
evolutionary relationships and to better understand ... In this laboratory investigation, students will use BLAST to compare several genes, and then use the information ... The cladogram above can be used to answer several questions . .... In addition, you can have students align gene sequences on paper to simulate what the.

comparing dna sequences to understand evolutionary relationships
EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS WITH BLAST ... PROCEDURE. 1) Answer the pre-lab questions (see attached) in your laboratory notebook. 2) A team of ...

To determine the evolutionary relationships of the caminalcules, construct a phylogenetic tree. ... about 5 cm apart on the large sheet of paper. Label the ... Answers will vary with how closely the students' trees agree with the key. Students.

Lab 26. Human Evolution: How Are Humans Related to Other
Biologists use phylogenetic trees to represent evolutionary relationships ... understanding of the evolutionary history of Hominidae is derived largely from the findings of .... Your report should answer these questions in two pages or less.

The Classification & Evolution of Caminalcules - Semantic Scholar
Robert P. Gendron. READERS of this publication understand the ... oped a lab in the latter category for our General. Biology program. ... living species and their evolutionary relationships. .... paper, and glue for attaching the Caminalcules. For .

The Effect of Hands-on Biotechnology Curriculum on High School
to establish evolutionary relationships among organisms (Dobzhanski 1972). ... who accept the theory of evolution may not completely understand the mechanism of natural ... students will keep reflection journals in which they will answer questions about the ... Students will also be required to turn in a formal lab report on.

Molecular Phylogenetics
evolutionary relationships among organisms or genes. ... Understanding Phylogenetic Trees ... [1, 19] Note that most of the examples in this paper use DNA sequences as ..... Gary Churchill at The Jackson Lab was the first evolutionary.

From Finches to Fishes - Bio-Rad
from Group Report Sheet: Imaginary Trip to the Galapagos . .... KEY Answers to BLAST-Searching Questions ....124 ... lead to the identification of evolutionary relationships among species. ... and to fossil forms to get an understanding of how individual ... the laboratory analysis of protein and DNA structures. Paleontology ...

Biology 15: Genetic Variation and Evolution Winter 2016 M, W, F, 11
goal of the course is to understand relevance of evolution to all of biology and ... Reconstruct evolutionary relationships among organisms using phenotypic and ... Learn to communicate to scientific and layperson audience (lab report and ... (3 ) Provide consultations during the hands-on activities and be available to answer.

2006 DESTINY Traveling Science Learning Program - Bio-Rad
Gel Electrophoresis Laboratory Report ........101. KEY Gel ..... 4.01 Analyze the classification of organisms according to their evolutionary relationships.

generate a phylogenetic tree to reveal their true evolutionary relationships. ... understanding that DNA sequence changes during evolution and that closely related .... Allow students time to answer Question 1, then ask the teams to explain how they .... Some reasons for differences: The paper uses many more species,.

Evolution and Biodiversity Laboratory Systematics and Taxonomy
related units. The science of determining evolutionary relationships among taxa is .... Because new data constantly change our understanding of evolutionary.

Lab 5: IDENTIFICATION OF UNKNOWN MICROORGANISMS BASED ON 16s rDNA ... (evolutionary relationships), and to estimate rates of species divergence among bacteria. .... Resuspend the Chelex-100 solution each time before use. Mix.
16s rDNAhandout.pdf

How science works - Understanding Science
ones are answered. ..... evolutionary relationships among crustaceans, insects, ..... article is a formal, souped-up version of the standard high school lab report.

Inference Is Bliss: Using Evolutionary Relationship to Guide
Experiment 2, with 10th graders, also included triads involving mammals, birds, and .... scientists alike will need a good understanding of evolutionary processes and the ability to ... ability to use information about evolutionary relationship depicted in cladograms to answer ..... We report partial g2 as a measure of effect size.

Mt Control Region Master (7-2010)_alu.QXD - DNA Learning Center
Individuals should use this kit only in accordance with prudent laboratory safety precautions and under the supervision of a ..... Expel saline solution into the paper cup. 4. .... Others help determine evolutionary relationships between sequences. Because of .... genes? Do some research to understand each of several names.

The Evidence for Evolution
laboratory studies, agriculture, and domestication demonstrate that selection can produce substantial evolutionary change. 21.3 Evidence for evolution can be ...

L11: Alignments 5 Evolution: MEGA - Institute for Molecular Virology
evolutionary relationships among various biological species that are ... This laboratory is loosely inspired from Barry G. Hall's book “Phylogenetic ..... Answer YES to the question about coding proteins. .... organized with a graphical summary.

Frontiers in Evolutionary Biology - National Science Foundation
opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this report are those of the participants and do not necessarily ... Our understanding of evolutionary biology has advanced ... the field as well as in controlled, laboratory environments. ... evolutionary relationships, and the external ... Answering fundamental.